Using Findings

Reports include recommendations, quotations from respondents with useful tips, and ideas for how to apply the results in your program. We know that these studies have been used to

Using the Findings

  • Educate new board members about fundraising, how they can help, and what works.
  • Inform donors about how a particular nonprofit stacks up compared with others about the same time.
  • Explain to a potential foundation funder how and why a proposed project is needed.
  • Train VISTA volunteers as they begin their assignments for charitable organizations.

The work has also been used by consultants, researchers, and reporters seeking to understand and explain how nonprofit charitable fundraising works. NRC reports have been cited in textbooks, presented in training sessions, and referenced in media coverage of philanthropic fundraising.


If you would like to use the study, you may wish to purchase the PowerPoint. Each edition of the NRC report has an associated slide show. Each is $5, which goes toward the survey and production costs for the NRC’s work.

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The NRC surveys charitable entities in the U.S. or Canada. Members agree to combine survey questions to fit on one of the two annual NRC surveys. Collaborative members provide and review the survey questions, develop a list of constituents to be surveyed, and publicize the survey and results. They also provide guidance on additional research topics, interpret results, and offer recommendations for how to implement study findings.