There are many studies about the nonprofit sector, management practices, staffing needs, and more. This page presents only organizations or research that relates to fundraising practices and predictions about donor giving. If you know of a study not shown, please contact us to share the link so that we can consider it. Thank you.

GivingUSA 2016

Annual report of philanthropy, Giving USA Foundation. Published since 1956, Giving USA appears in June of each year. Free executive summary.


The Gift Planner Profile survey is NACGP’s long-term project to track the demographics of the gift planning community. Because NACGP represents all types of charitable organizations, from the smallest community-based nonprofits to the largest national organizations, we have a unique perspective on developments in the work life of charitable planners.

fundrasing effectiveness survey
Annual report of donor retention, Association of Fundraising Professionals. The Fundraising Effectiveness Project uses data provided through software packages to a central site for analysis. It presents tools for tracking and evaluating your annual growth in giving. Growth in giving is the net of gains in giving minus losses in giving. The site includes resources for calculating your own “GiG” (growth in giving) results.

canada leaf

Research about charitable giving in Canada. A. Abigail Payne, University of Calgary. Between 1992 and 2008, contributions to charitable organizations more than doubled, from $4 billion to more than $9 billion.

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CFRE Logp Int 2012 
giving usa tag CGP LI
The NRC surveys charitable entities in the U.S. or Canada. Members agree to combine survey questions to fit on one of the two annual NRC surveys. Collaborative members provide and review the survey questions, develop a list of constituents to be surveyed, and publicize the survey and results. They also provide guidance on additional research topics, interpret results, and offer recommendations for how to implement study findings.